Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Best Mascot Battle Videos

Fights happen in all sports, although hockey seems to be most notorious for them. Although seeing two people duke it out can be wildly entertaining, there’s nothing quite like watching two mascots in the midst of battle.

We’ve chosen some of our favorite mascot fight videos, and they include both dance battles and physical altercations. Who will prevail? Take a look.

Between Mascots
This one starts as an epic dance battle, but soon gravitates to something more.

This one is a short dance battle, but still funny.

A fight between a duck and a cougar, who will win?

Ohio University vs. OSU.

Eyes and noses come off in this one…

Mascots and People
Because sometimes fans and audience members get annoyed, too.

Man vs. mascot. Who wins?

Cheerleader vs. mascot. He shouldn’t have stolen that flag…

And, we saved the best for last. Not a real event, but a clip from a classic movie.

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