Monday, July 9, 2012

Most Memorable College Mascots

When it comes to sports, especially football, a lot of teams would not feel complete without their mascots. Not only are mascots important in getting the crowd excited, but they also serve as a symbol to the college as a whole.

Some mascots are more recognizable than others, and we have chosen some of the more popular ones to showcase. How many do you recognize?

1. Bucky the Badger – University of Wisconsin

Bucky Badger has been Wisconsin’s mascot since 1949 and his full name is Buckingham U. Badger. He wears a red and white striped sweater with a W in the middle. Bucky can be seen at all major sporting events throughout the year.

2. Brutus Buckeye – Ohio State University

Although Brutus Buckeye is, in fact, an Ohio Buckeye nut, he still has been a recognizable mascot since his appearance in 1965. Brutus is a member of the Ohio State cheerleading team and attends many university events.

3. Goldy the Gopher – University of Minnesota

Goldy was first seen in 1940 and currently makes more than 1,000 appearances during the school year. He attends all home games and usually dons Minnesota apparel. Although the marching band was originally in charge of Goldy, in 1992 the athletic department gained control.

4. Puddles the Duck – Oregon

The Oregon Duck, Puddles, is a version of Disney’s Donald Duck and was first seen in 1940. Oregon reached an agreement with Disney to be able to use Donald as a mascot. Puddles is known to do pushups after Oregon teams score.

5. Uga – University of Georgia

Uga is a real English bulldog, and the bulldog was first named as the Georgia mascot in 1956. Currently, Uga makes an appearance at every home football game and other sporting events. His attire is typically a red jersey, complete with a varsity letter.

6. Mike the Bengal tiger – Louisiana State University

Traditionally, Mike the Tiger always has been a real, Bengal tiger. The first Mike, Mike I, made his appearance in 1936. Because the real Mike must stay in his designated habitat, a costumed Mike attends sporting events.

7. Sparty – Michigan State University

Sparty hasn’t always been the muscular, memorable icon of Michigan State University. In fact, their team name was the Aggies until 1925. Sparty appears in a number of forms from the statue to the copyrighted cartoon, but perhaps the most popular is the Sparty that appears in costume at sporting events.

8. Bevo – University of Texas

Bevo is another real mascot, a longhorn steer. Bevo has been the mascot since 1916, and there have been 14 Bevos counting the current one. In 2006, a journalist for the Los Angeles Times called Bevo the toughest-looking animal mascot in sports.

9. Ralphie the Buffalo – University of Colorado

Despite the seemingly-male name, Ralphie actually is a real female buffalo, and the mascot always has been female. Female bison are chosen because they are smaller and less aggressive than males –  Ralphie currently needs five handlers.

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Image Credits: All found on their respective Wikipedia pages except Uga, which was courtesy of Diamondduste.

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