Sunday, March 31, 2013

Betting Scandal Deppens

The investigations that police undertook into the round 24 clash between the Bulldogs and the Cowboys that started this betting controversy, has suddenly become a whole lot more complex than first thought. The NSW police have now pinpointed several persons of interest behind the betting scandal according to a Skips’s Sports Blog insider.

Three Cowboys players, who are to remain nameless for the time being for legal reasons have been named in material obtained by NSW State Crime Command detectives. However, we have good information that the three players are in fact Willie Mason, Aaron Payne and Cowboys Captain Jonathan Thurston. Bulldogs player, Ryan Tandy is on notice and is set to be sacked from his club after the Grand Final.
It is alleged that the Cowboys players all face similar fates in that they are to receive life bans from the NRL following the Grand Final after the Police have traced money back to several accounts and after viewing video footage.

According to video footage, Payne pointed to the posts to take the 2 points after Tandy had given away a penalty for his side. Others involved are ex-player Hassan Saleh, who lives with Ryan Tandy, Thurston’s manager Sam Ayoub and John Elias. Elias has already been in trouble for a betting scandal in the early nineties and is being questioned by police along with Andrew Johns for this incident.

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