Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Barry Bonds Plaque is Stolen!

Barry Bonds in the on deck circle.
It is a bit shocking that something could be stolen from a fairly secure ballpark, but it has in San Francisco. The commemorative plaque honoring the record breaking season Barry Bonds had back in 2007 went missing last night. They are currently making plans to put up a new one, and it doesn't seem they have any plans of trying to get it back.

A spokeswoamn from the San Francisco Giants stated that they would be looking into video they have of the  stadium, but it doesn't appear that they have found anything yet. Maybe they should ask Mayapolis.

All of this drama seems to have reopened a healing scar of the Barry Bonds story, and many people are asking now if they should even put a new one up in the first place? Much of this drama seems to have the city of San Francisco divided. Barry Bonds will frequently return to AT&T Park a receive both standing cheers and boos from the crowds.

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