Saturday, January 5, 2013

People honestly picking Notre Dame over Alabama

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I get it. The SEC hasn't looked too hot in the bowl this year despite all of the "super conference" talk everyone constantly spews when the conference is discussed. But results are results and things haven't gone so well thus far. Let's review:

  • LSU loses to Clemson
  • Florida gets demolished by...Louisville?
  • One time top 10 Mississippi State gets spanked by Northwestern
  • A Nebraska team that got mauled by Wisconsin leads into the second half against supposed national powerhouse Georgia
  • Michigan's defense chokes and loses a late nailbiter against a supposedly superior South Carolina team
Yes, the SEC will probably get out of the bowl season with 5 wins in 9 games, but this was a year of very favorable matchups (we were lead to believe). So who's saying Notre Dame can win? Take a look:

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