Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why the Michigan Wolverines Need to Step Up

If you’re a big Michigan fan and you’ve seen how the football team played last year, you would know what I mean when I say that the Wolverines need more than just a sterling group of coaches. In the history of the Big Ten, Michigan has been head to head with Ohio State, Penn State, and Nebraska, but in the preseason polls and playoff projections, Michigan is not even accounted for. 

It’s coach Brady Hoke’s fourth season with the Maize and Blue, and players he recruited will be entering the field in 2014. Will this finally be the answer to their dismal scores? 

Another reason why Michigan has to show its prowess is not to let the Big Ten down. After the news that Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller is out for the entire season because of a shoulder injury, it sounds like the Big Ten is doomed. Will Michigan let its stark competitor Michigan State save the league? Or how about Wisconsin who has an easy schedule? Will it be Nebraska? 

More than a decade ago, if the same calamity had occurred, everyone would be responding that Michigan would save the day. But today, nothing could be said of that. Ann Arbor has never been this quiet before a football season. It’s still one of the best college towns in the country but how about the best football team in the Big Ten? Would it still be able to carry that reputation this year? 

Marlin Jackson, Michigan’s two-time All-American cornerback in 2004 when the Wolverines most recently won the Big Ten title, believed that it was still possible for Michigan to rise up to the level they were…for the sake of Michigan football and the entire conference.

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