Monday, November 30, 2015

Ten of the Top Hikes in Jackson Hole

There’s no better way to experience the wilderness in Jackson Hole than to lace up your hiking shoes and start exploring. With an endless amount and variety of trails, here is a helpful guide to 10 must do hikes while in Jackson Hole. 

The Paintbrush to Cascade Canyon Loop: Paintbrush to Cascade Canyon Loop is a great extended day hike. Visitors will hike up over Paintbrush Divide, through 2 major canyons all while hiking through beautiful scenery. 

Teton Crest Trail: A hike for more ambitious hikers, the Teton Crest Trail is a 39 mile route. It offers challenging routes and grand vistas. 

Snow King Mountain: You’ll summit Snow King Mountain, where you’ll have views of the Snake River, the Tetons and the town of Jackson. A shorter hike at 1.8 miles with an elevation gain of 1,500 ft. 

Amphitheater Lake Trail: An almost 5 mile out and back trail that is on the more difficult side because of the 2,960 ft. elevation gain. Though strenuous, it is still one of the most popular day hikes because of the views of the lake once you reach the summit. 

Phelps Lake Loop: A popular 4 mile day hike, it offers views of the mountains, Lake Phelps and the Jackson Hole Valley. 

Inspiration Point: This hike meanders past Jenny Lake and past Hidden Falls. It is a moderate hike and very family friendly but still offers great views and beautiful surroundings

Death Canyon: This is a hike that has something for everyone, from well-traveled paved paths to more strenuous, gravel trails. It connects to other trails, including Teton Crest trail and Phelps Lake loop. 

Alaskan Basin (Basin Lakes): This hike is perfect for those wanting to do an overnight trip but can also be done as long day hike. Hikers will see beautiful wildflowers and serene lakes all while in the Jed Smith Wilderness area.

Static Peak: The hike up Static Peak’s summit will put hikers at an elevation over 11,000 feet, where you can view Phelps Lake, Death Canyon and grand vistas. 

Belcher Meadows to Dunanda Falls: This relatively flat hike is located in an isolated corner of Yellowstone National Park. Hikers will be in awe of the beauty of the falls and meadows along the way, especially Dunanda Falls.

About the Author: Shannon is a guest contributor from Bentwood Inn, a beatiful Jackson Hole bed and breakfast located near these trails. 

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